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Man Reaching Star

Reaching for the stars

David and Goliath

As a society goes, we have not experienced this kind of intense, collective hardship since the great depression. Both privately and professionally, our team has endured a variety of hardships and directly understand how tough it is out there in the world right now.


We believe in the underdog, the small town, the small business, and the little guy because we come from all of these things. 

That is why we offer our time and money through donations, volunteering, sponsorships, fundraising, referrals, and promotion. Each year, we have a themed give-back program that corresponds to community needs. Themes include relief for local small businesses, vocational mentoring and counseling for youth, sponsorship and advocacy of marginalized populations, as well as animal rights. Please see our current programs and events below.

Give-back happenings for small businesses and our community

This year we are focusing on:​​

  • Economic Relief; we locked in our current customers rates to provide relief for them against inflation as well as offered extra discounts and free add-ons.

  • Economic Relief; free, basic website development for select candidates.

  • Economic Relief; quid pro quo for business services for select candidates.

Highlighted happenings from the past:​

  • Social Services Relief; purchasing highly-needed products for the local homeless population and donating food to a local pantry.

  • Covid-19 Relief; free website and brand consultation for select candidates.

  • Education Relief; we purchased a years worth of school supplies for five classrooms in NYS.

  • Healthcare Cost Relief; donated of our time and services to a fundraising event; drawing caricatures to raise money for a child with life threatening medical issues.

  • Social Services Relief; gave donations to our local homeless shelter.

Application and information is below.

Give-backs for clients


  • Tell your network about us and when they partner with us, you'll get paid our referral fee. You can apply it to your balance with us as a discount! 

Gift Cards

  • Give us a like, review, and share and you will get a $10 'thank you' gift card on us. You must be a client of ours to receive this give-back. 


  • Work with us and have an ATM installed at your place of business by our sister company, 518 ATMs. Your business will make money on every transaction the ATM has at no financial or time investment from you. 

Apply for Assistance

Please tell us your story! Let us know what you need, what your target completion date is, and why you are deserving of this donation. Our annual application deadline is February 1st. Notification of an award granted goes out around the second week of February. Donation recipients are chosen at the discretion of Blaue Reiter Design. If you have been a recipient of a past donation, you are not eligible for another.

We're Here to Help

Thanks for applying!

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